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Do you crave authenticity? Do you want to honor and love your body? Do you want to live with an open heart? Do you follow the phases of the Moon, celebrate the seasonal shifts and know that you are truly powerful beyond measure? Do you want to feel so lit up, that you light the world up? If you said, “YES” to any of the above, then this is the place for you.

ONE TIME ONLY - Registration Open Now 

This is an online portal of Vinyasa yoga classes, Tarot readings and Full and New Moon Masterclasses for an entire Moon Cycle.  Instead of paying for each Masterclass (normally $22 each), you will receive the whole Moon Cycle of content at a deeply discounted price.

Joining the Moon Love Yoga Club will give you one Moon cycle (28 days) of access to all class content. You don't have to worry about the dates of the Full and New Moon, Moon Love Yoga Club will take care of everything.  You don't have to worry about your schedule. Everything is recorded and yours to keep forever. All you have to do is Trust that you are here and here is exactly where you are meant to be right now. 

All classes are recorded and yours to keep forever


Monday, May 20th 6:30 - 8:30 PM Full Moon in Scorpio

Monday, June 3rd 6:30 - 8:30 PM New Moon in Gemini

Monday, June 17th 6:30 - 8:30 PM Full Moon in Sagittarius

What makes this experience like no other is the integration of years of Self-Love teachings from some of the leading psychologists, Shamans and Light Workers today that have been integrated with my own experience following the phases of the Moon and having Moon Manifestation breakthroughs. I am bringing these teachings to you through a simple, clear and fun experience of Tarot guidance, Vinyasa yoga, ritual, inquiry and guided meditation that are bound to bring breakthroughs your way. 

There are eight magical phases that the moon goes through (about) every 29 ½ days. Each phase of the moon has its own astrological energy, medicine, guidance and power to offer. What most of us don’t realize is that by simply tuning into these phases and knowing what gifts that they bring,  we can access our own ability to create so much abundance and freedom in our lives.


Moon Beam - Get Access HERE

$36.  One Lunar Cycle of Masterclasses.
2 Full Moon Masterclasses.
1 New Moon Masterclass.

( 6 hours of live content normally $66 Now $36 ) 

Galaxy - Get Access HERE

$57.   One Lunar Cycle of Masterclasses.
2 Full Moons 
1 New Moon
2 Vinyasa classes (bi-weekly)
Sunday Night Weekly Tarot Updates streamed live online 

( Around 9+ hours of content / Tarot videos will be around 10 min // Normally $100 Now $57) 

VIP Tarot - Get Access HERE

$111. The whole shebang.
All Masterclasses

Vinyasa Classes

Weekly Tarot
1 Private / 60 minute online Tarot reading with Shira

(Normally $222 Now $111) 

ONLY for THIS MOON CYCLE. May 20th - June 17th.
If it lights you up, grab it. The world needs you to feel alive. 


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VIP Tarot

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Monday, May 20th. Learn more here.

The beautiful Moon's energy teaches us how to embody and celebrate the rhythmic and cyclical nature of all living things. It symbolizes the subconscious, emotion based, inner realms of our existence. Full Moons ask us to align with our higher selves. This is a time to release, let go, surrender and clear out that which no longer serves our own unique path. When the Moon is Full, there is a culmination of emotion and we are deeply connected to our intuition. Old emotions and patters rise to the surface to be seen and transformed. This is an epic time. Scorpio has a powerfully transformational energy. This is a time of alchemy. For some, It’s a time to go through the darkness into the light. This is a time to be honest and clear about what is ready to be washed away.

We will begin this masterclass with a Tarot reading and astrological overview for this Moon, followed by a 60 min Vinyasa practice specific to the hips and pelvis (Scorpio territory). We will close with a full Chakra healing guided meditation and a fire burning ceremony.

Take advantage of this powerful time. See you on your mat.

Register with the links above and then check your email. The private link to the first class is on its way. Questions, comments and oodles of excitement? Let us know what you think below!

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Shira is pure magic! Her energy, insight, and passion for helping others grow is extraordinary. I am a regular student at her Buti Yoga class at South Boston Yoga and have gained personal breakthroughs with her Moonology 101 Course.