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Scorpio Full Moon Masterclass: Deep Hip Opening & Energy Clearing Alchemy

Scorpio Full Moon Energy Clearing Masterclass

“Moonday” (Monday), May 20th Live Online 6:30 - 8:30 PM // Yours to re-watch forever

The beautiful Moon's energy teaches us how to embody and celebrate the rhythmic and cyclical nature of all living things. It symbolizes the subconscious, emotion based, inner realms of our existence. Full Moons ask us to align with our higher selves. This is a time to release, let go, surrender and clear out that which no longer serves our own unique path. When the Moon is Full, there is a culmination of emotion and we are deeply connected to our intuition. Old emotions and patters rise to the surface to be seen and transformed. This is an epic time. Scorpio has a powerfully transformational energy. This is a time of alchemy. For some, It’s a time to go through the darkness into the light. This is a time to be honest and clear about what is ready to be washed away.

We will begin this masterclass with a Tarot reading and astrological overview for this Moon, followed by a 60 min Vinyasa practice specific to the hips and pelvis (Scorpio territory). We will close with a full Chakra healing guided meditation and a fire burning ceremony.

Take advantage of this powerful time.

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cost: $22