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The New Moon occurs on Monday, June 3rd in the sign of Gemini. 

Take this time to reconnect with yourself in the comfort of your home, tune into your internal guidance system, flow with your body and move into the essence of mental, physical and spiritual abundance.

Gemini carries with it a special kind of luck, wit and charm. Geminis are quick & insightful thinkers and communicators who love to explore and discover. Being open-minded and open-hearted in manifesting allows us to take the pressure off of what we think we need and be open to what we actually desire on a Soul level. This curious energy is incredible for manifesting and we finally have the opportunity to take advantage of this portal to epic transformation.


• A Tarot reading for the New Moon in Gemini
• Guidance on Gemini energy, the Air Element and Jupiter Retrograde
• A gentle heart-opening Vinyasa practice to reset the central nervous system 
• A guided Aura Cleansing Meditation
• A Ritual for the New Moon

Bonus 1 hour Grounding With Gratitude Vinyasa Practice

What you need: a yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional) journal, pen, candle


PayPal & Venmo accepted. Venmo @shira-brenner

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