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  • The Yoga Lounge 526 Shirley Street Winthrop, MA, 02152 United States (map)

Learning your moon sign is an eye-opening journey. Most of us know our astrological sun sign, but that is only one small aspect of our personality. There are actually 12 astrological signs (you can think of these as energies, seasons or flavors of who we are) that sit in 12 different houses ( areas of one's life.) There are also 8 planets that can be observed in connection to our signs and houses. That's a whole lot of galaxy to take in! 

The beautiful Moon's energy teaches us how to embody and celebrate the rhythmic and cyclical nature of all living things. The Moon is not only just as important as the Sun in your natal chart, it is your key to understanding a deeper sense of self. 

Knowing your moon sign and how to use it as a tool for self-discovery is like opening a door to deeper chambers of your heart that you never knew existed. Dive into Self, Healing, and Happiness in this 2 hour astrological and Yoga-Astrology-Asana experience.

You MUST pre-register for this event, as I will need your birth date, location and time of birth. 

Once you register for this event, kindly email me at with...

  • the location of your birth (example: Melrose Hospital)

  • The time of your birth (example 8:39AM)

  • Your birthday!

If you don't know your birth time, contact the town hall where you were born! If you still cannot find it, that is okay! I promise you will get so much out of this experience. 

In this workshop you will

  • Discover your moon sign & how to work with its magical and nurturing energy

  • Have a better understanding of interpersonal relationships from an astrological viewpoint 

  • Participate in a Kundalini style Full Chakra clearing for this specific Moon cycle. 

  • Go home with the tools needed to be in sync with the moon's energy

  • Get guidance and interpretation from the Goddess Guidance Soul deck 

  • Leave feeling rejuvenated and renewed with insight on how to practice Sacred-Self Care with the Moon 


So much love,