It’s time to fill your cup, lift your spirit and let go of the bad juju. these are not your ‘normal’ classes by any means. the are tailored and themed to work with the chakras, the seasons, the moon, your aura and your physical body with the purpose of peeling away the layers of ego and getting to the good stuff; your true self, spirit, and the magic within. meet me on your mat. your practice begins now.


Full Moon & Spring Equinox Master Class

Full Moon & Spring Equinox Master Class
Wednesday March 20th 2-4pm EST
with Shira Brenner & Allison Jones

We're back!!! Join this powerful duo for a 2 hour online master class for the Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox. These two significant astrological events fall on the exact same day - March 20th. Shira and Allison combine their love for the moon, astrology, tarot and yoga in this online workshop experience. The Spring Equinox signifies balance with equal day and night and the Sun's entrance into Aries which is the astrological New Year. Aries is a cardinal, fire sign and represents new beginnings, rebirth, independence and confidence. Paired with the Full Moon in Libra - a cardinal air sign, we'll dance between solitude and connection. Libra rules relationship and partnership - opposite of solitary Aries.

This day is supercharged with so much cosmic astro magic. Tap into it with a tarot reading, astrological overview, yoga practice and meditation. Link your body, mind and spirit together to maximize the potency of this special day. You'll need your yoga mat, journal, pen, your favorite gemstone (if you have one), your favorite essential oil (optional) and a candle. No previous experience is necessary - the yoga class portion is open to all levels.

$22.22 Purchase here or in the link below.

Honoring The New Moon & Setting Intentions

Take this time to reconnect with yourself in the comfort of your home, tune into your internal guidance system, flow with your body and move into the essence of spiritual abundance.
Join me for a 2 hour Masterclass that will take you through the intrinsically abundant element of Water as a way to cleanse and Manifest during this Pisces New Moon and Pisces Sun season. 


• A Tarot reading for the New Moon

• Guidance on Pisces energy, the water element and Mercury Retrograde

• A discussion on why Mercury Retrograde is actually a huge blessing

• A gentle flowing Vinyasa practice to reset the central nervous system 

• A guided Aura Cleansing Meditation

• A Ritual for the New Moon


Vinyasa Yoga With Light Healing Meditation

We begin practice with a breathing technique that is unique to heating the internal body and expanding lung capacity. Lots of side body opening, twisting and hip releasing. We end with a deep guided ‘light healing’ meditation for all 7 Chakras. You will leave feeling light, calm and ready for a fresh new start.

73 Minutes




Tarot, Yoga & Manifestation Ritual

Join Allison Jones and myself for two hours of magic. There is an easy-to-digest astrology talk, tarot card reading, meditation, yoga practice and ritual. No previous experience is necessary - this class is open to all levels.

Included in your purchase is a 4 page astrology & yoga handout as well as an additional Tarot video.

What you need: a yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional) journal, pen, candle

2 hours 8 minutes


Happy Heart & Joyful Spirit Vinyasa

Happy Heart & Joyful Spirit Vinyasa Yoga is a 73 minute practice that will leave you feeling, uplifted, joyful and bright. It includes meditation, breathwork, very deep myofascial release shoulder and neck opening, twisting & hip opening and of course, Good vibes!

73 minutes



Stay Grounded Vinyasa Love Bundle

SALE // Stay Grounded Vinyasa 2 class Love Bundle // $12.99!

All classes privately streamed Live on YouTube and the replay link will be available to watch anytime. The love bundle is specific to the Holiday season, so you can expect some heart opening and grounding sequences to balance your energy, lots of twisting and some heat to cleanse any left-over ickies, PLUS a Full Moon Masterclass with guided meditation and breathwork that will give you an immense sense of everything-is-going-to-be-A-okay-ness.

Heart Opening & Grounding +  Energy Detox Vinyasa


Stress Releasing Grounding Practice

Feeling a little anxious and in your head? This 60 min practice, complete with a neck and shoulder self-massage, cortisol flushing breathwork, and lots of gentle heart opening and hip and hamstring releasing, will get you grounded, calm and feeling free.


New Moon in Scorpio - Manifesting Masterclass

About The 2-hour New Moon Manifesting Masterclass

  • Learn about how to use this New Moon energy to harness positive change.

  • Learn about the 4 main phases of the moon and the habits that support us & align with their different offerings.

  • Reconnect to the 4 natural elements and learn how to use them for guidance and growth. 

  • Align your 7 Chakras for clear intuition and insight. 

  • Create your New Moon intentions of the 29 1/2 day cycle & get them in writing in order to ask for and RECEIVE what you want. 

  • Have your manifestation in writing for accountability. You will be able to look back on and track the progress you have made in the upcoming cycles. 

  • Get guidance and interpretation through lessons of the Tarot.

$17.99 - cost after Nov 11th - $14.99

Energy Detox: Twist & Bind

This is an energetic detox class. There are lots of twists and some binding. Hip opening and a ton of heart focus. Prepare to reset the central nervous system and leave with a deeper sense of peace, love and light.

$10.01 *After you pay, check your inbox! The link to class is coming your way!*

Hips & Heart

Happy Hips and Heart Opening!

60 Minute Vinyasa Flow with a focus on opening the hips, clearing stuck energy and opening the heart.

Class includes breath-work, a short meditation, a Vinyasa flow and a sweet Savasana.

$10.02 *After you pay, check your inbox! The link to class is coming your way!*

Energy Clearing Full Moon Masterclass

Energy Clearing Full Moon Masterclass

60 Minutes

This is a Full Chakra Alignment & Clearing class for the Full Moon. Every Full Moon cycle presents us with a powerful time to release what doesn’t serve our highest good.

In the class, you will learn about how your Chakras and Energy Body hold stress and tension that disconnects you from your highest good, feeling expansive and free. Learn how to clear out tension and feel AMAZING.

There is a Kundalini sequence, Breathwork, and a Tarot reading. Class also includes a ritual and everything you need to enter this next Moon cycle feeling heart-centered, open and full of life!

Cost $11.11 *After you pay, check your inbox! The link to class is coming your way!*

short on funds?

I got you. These classes are always available for free! Just click the link and send yourself some love.

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Oh, My Neck!

Short on time? As my gift to you, here is an 18 minute, total neck and shoulder relieving sequence. You will feel amazing during and after!

Watch it here


Chandra Namaskara - Moon Flow & Full Body Unwinding

Chandra Namaskar - Moon Flow & Full Body Unwinding

40 minutes

Though, this was filmed during a Taurus New Moon, it can be powerfully felt and practiced anytime. This is an all-levels, quick Vinyasa Yoga class that incorporates neck & shoulder stretching, hamstring & deep hip opening, spinal decompression, PLUS a moon flow.

This is a slow and steady practice for being in flow with the phases of the moon and natural cycles of life. I will be sharing information on being in alignment with the moon and connecting to your inner wisdom. Prepare to clear out stagnant energy and welcome in all the good feels.

Watch it here.

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