It was an incredible experience to have a reading with Shira. She was very easy to talk to and share with. I felt a strong connection to her and the reading. Her energy is very uplifting, supportive and contagious!

-Sarah G.

Tarot Empowers The Human Soul

Tarot sessions will give you guidance and honesty. Tarot will lead you back to y o u. Often, the answers we seek are already within us, but are hidden under layers of stress and overwhelm. Your Tarot session will be an empowering experience because the cards offer guidance on a heart and soul level. The readings are channeled from Spirit and with Spirit, our freedom always enhances.

A guided Tarot session will shift your perspective and lead you on your soul path. Sessions are 45-75 minutes in length and priced on a sliding scale between $70 - $130. Register below.

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Tarot for Soul Guidance


Tarot & Reiki Healing Fusion (90 Minutes)

It is important to understand that your body has its own ability to heal itself, but it is often too depleted from daily life to be in the state of regeneration. Healing happens when the body is fully relaxed and in a receptive state. Through a guided meditation, a Tarot Reading and a Reiki healing, you will receive the ultimate mind, body and spirit nurturing. In this 90 minute session, you will be guided into healing through a conscious and subconscious state where the energy body can repair and replenish itself. You will feel deeply at ease and experience healing at a cellular level.

Contact me below to inquire on pricing and scheduling. Sessions are held in-home, online, by phone or at Wonder Yoga in Arlington.

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I had questions and issues I needed clarity and direction in. almost right away all the things I had sort of sensed and felt but could not put into words myself where expressed for me in a beautiful elegant way that was easy to follow.”
— Myles V.
The tarot card reading was extremely accurate and helpful for me. I don’t go to just anyone for a tarot reading; Shira came into my life and I recommend her to anyone interested!! I look forward to working more with Shira in the future.
— Sarah G.