Just the tip of the iceberg

I am an English as a Second Language and Art Teacher turned yogi, turned yoga teacher. I have taught and lived in Ecuador, Mexico, and Bolivia. I taught wetlands ecology and wildlife survival skills to New York City teenagers on the Appalachian Trail. I am a Revere girl at heart who rocks hoop earrings during yoga class. I am a closet Hip-Hop dancer, turned Dance Company performer, turned video girl. I am a Buti Yoga teacher. I am a Feminist Theory and Community Development student turned spirituality lover and Self-Love advocate. A soon to be Self-Love Sage. An Intuitive. A healer. A truth speaker. A novice surfer and a dance party starter.

I follow the phases of the moon, the stars, and have at least two crystals on every surface in my house. I believe in the power of Palo Santo and Tarot cards. 

I love adventure and nature and how these things change us at a cellular level. 

I am an eating disorder recovery warrior and former perfectionist, integrating the tough parts of life with the joyous ones.

I am a daughter, a sister, and a loyal partner. I am a secret writer turned share-it-all blog poster and someday author.  I am a world traveling, people loving, see-the-good-in-every-situation, human beacon of light. I will do my best to be the realest I can be. I will do my best to show up authentically through it all. I know how to have fun. I know how to alchemize energy. I know how to break through blocks and get the good stuff to come rushing in. I am here to help others remember who they are and what they came here to do. 

What is it like to take a yoga class with me?

For me, a yoga class is so much more than just a class. It is an experience. From the music that orchestrates the movement, to the postures that align with the moon, sun, and stars, to the season and time of day, it is all connected and intertwined to be a catalyst for body, mind, and energy healing.

Yoga is just another form of dance, where you move to the rhythm of your breath and tap into the medicine of your essence. I believe yoga is one of the greatest healing resources we have and a consistent practice has saved me during the darkest of days. Come in with an open mind and a willingness to meet yourself where you are at. 

I love this practice because it gives me the mental dedication and physical strength to keep me on the path to feeling balanced – and that is everything! Bringing attention to my breath allows me to create space between my rapidly firing thoughts and shift my perspective in a positive way. It is only recently that I have discovered the magic that space creates. Over the years, this creation of space has given me the awareness to evaluate how I live, what I say, and how I treat others. Most importantly, getting on my mat reminds me to accept myself as I am everyday and remember that I am just a tiny part of the bigger picture. It humbles me. It makes me smile. It helps me reconnect to exactly who I came here to be. 


The Creds

  • E-RYT-200: O2 Yoga - Mimi Loureiro, Elliot McEldowny
  • E-RYT-500: Rolf Gates, Jacqui Bonwell, David Vendetti
  • Buti Yoga Certified: Sasha "Fierce" Watson
  • Reiki Certified 1 & 2: Libby Barnett
  • Chakra Therapy & Bio-energetics: Anondea Judith
  • Rise, Sister, Rise: Rebecca Cambell 

What about that Sass, tho?

As someone who has overcome serious body image and health struggles, I have used dance as a tool for emotional well-being and hope to inspire others to do the same. I am done dancing for others. When you take class with me, you dance not to be seen by the observer's eye, but instead to connect to your deepest, realest, truest self. Dance is a tool for self expression, self-love, and freedom of spirit. 

I do, however, put some serious sass into teaching and never take myself too seriously. My dance style has a Hip-Hop and Dancehall flavor and my choreography is feisty, fun, and challenging, but easy to follow.

You will leave sweaty, happy, and feeling like a superstar.





Photography courtesy of Lightchaser Photography.