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March 17-24th 2017

Join me for an unforgettable adventure in one of the most lush, eco-friendly, and healing places in the world, Banos, Ecuador. In 2009 I lived in Cuenca, Ecuador and completely fell in love with the country. During one of my travels, I visited the city of Banos
( pronounced ban-yos) and felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Green, gorgeous, full of butterflies, flowing rivers, monkeys, and immeasurable amounts of all things exciting. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

The city of Banos is not only a gateway to the nearby Amazon Basin and nestled at the bottom of the Andes mountains, It's also breathtakingly beautiful and full of adventure! known for the active Tungurahua volcano, its mineral-rich hot springs, gorgeous waterfalls, and its magical healing qualities, it’s the perfect place to reconnect to nature, experience the magic of South America, and unwind. Unplugged in ecuador will revive your spirit, wake up your sense of adventure, and heal you from the inside out. 

Price for a shared room
$1,111- early bird!! lucky number :)

1,200- after January 1

SIngle Queen bed room (can be shared with a partner)

$1,250- early bird

1,350 after January 1

Non-refundable deposit of $400 to save your space today

What’s included in the price and what you can expect-

*Daily yoga (once or twice dependent on the days activity)
*Transportation to and from Quito, Ecuador Airport (this is a 4 hour trip to the jungle- worth every second!)
*7 nights at La Casa verde- 5 star eco-friendly guest house overlooking the river
*Breakfast , snacks, lunch, & dinner
*Dinner out at an authentic Ecuadorian restuarant (drinks not included)
*Ziplining through the canopy of the jungle
*Hiking & bike rentals to local hot springs
*One 60 min professional massage

*everything is included in the price, but is also optional, so if you'd rather lay in a hammock all day than go on a hike, that's great too! Whatever floats your Amazonian boat!

Payment will be through PayPal