Body Love Podcast: Listen Up People!

I recently did a podcast with my good friend, RD and Intuitive Eating Coach, Jessi Haggarty. In this episode we discuss...

  • How I experienced weight stigma as a child, and how that set me on a path to disordered eating.
  • How I found dance and yoga in a dark and sad time in my life and how it made me feel both connected and disconnected to my body at the same time.  
  • How I was suffering from anorexia for months, and simultaneously being praised by colleagues and friends on my “dedication”.
  • How I worked with an eating disorder therapist and dietitian to help me recover.
  • How I found freedom in loving my body as it is in the moment, every moment. 

Enjoy the episode and check out Jessi's page below.

Shira BrennerComment