Synchrodestiny, Intuition And Claiming Your Soul's Evolution


Synchrodestiny, Intuition And Claiming Your Soul's Evolution: 

What Is Rising In You For This Gemini New Moon?

A few years back, I went on a retreat with one of my all-time favorite authors, Rebecca Campbell. Little did I know that this retreat would change the course of my entire life. Through this experience, I was inspired to move closer to my embodiment of Self-Love; I began to acknowledge and release so many of the fears I had around the shadow parts of myself (including, but not limited to my addictions to dieting,  restricting and binging) and I began to remember who I was before society got it's dirty hands on me.

 I had what some would call A Rebirth. I let go of so much fear I unknowingly held around my authenticity and for the first time in my life, Ifinally began to let myself BE exactly who I was without giving a damn about what other people would think about it. 

There is a quick, but wildly life changing additional layer to this four-layer-Rebirth-Day-cake story.

The thing is that I didn't go searching for Rebecca Cambell's book, Rise Sister Rise. It came to me through the powers that be. It arrived via serendipity or what Deepak Chopra refers to as Synchrodestiny. 

Chopra explains this to be a coincidence which contains a purpose and meaning, and has a direction and intention.

A friend of mine simply saw me one day at South Boston Yoga and said something along the lines of, "I think I have something important to give you." Without much explanation and seemingly out of thin air, I was given a worn-out copy of Rise Sister Rise. She gave away her only copy because she was guided to do so in that exact moment. Without much thought or logic and purely led by the heart, this magical friend of mine changed the entire course of my life. 

These little messages and pulls and pushes are always available to us, but we don't always take advantage of them. It is so easy to have an excuse for not listening to the voice of your spirit, intuition or universal energy (it doesn't matter what name you give it, it is all the same) guiding us along on our journey around earth. Most of us were certainly not taught to listen to our intuition in school, by our parents or by the media, so how would we and could we know and trust the incredible force of this innate superpower we all have? What's worse is that many of us were taught to go against our internal guidance systemand instead to follow the bullsh*t patriarchal structures we were born into. Gross. 

Stay with me, there are even more pieces to this fantastical intuition puzzle. 

A few weeks later, another friend told me about a retreat center in upstate NY called, The Omega Institute. I am not quite sure how we even arrived on the topic of Omega and I can't recall what was said, but the breadcrumb trail to follow was being laid out and the seeds of inspiration about Omega Institute had been planted in my awareness. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the whole conversation and thought nothing of it. I have a million conversations everyday, so why would I hone in on this one little piece? 

It wasn't until a few days later, when I was typing away on my laptop that I felt this sudden and overwhelming urge to Google The Omega Institute's homepage. My jaw dropped when I the first thing I saw was the Rise Sister Rise RETREAT only a month away. 

What's even more amazing was that to my right, on the kitchen table, lay the book that started it all, with the page open to the passage, "What Is Rising In You?" If that is not enough synchronicity, I don't know what is. 

So, "What Is Rising In You?" 

I could feel my heart swoosh and vibrate, my chest bubble with warmth and my whole body pulse and tingle with what I now understand to be love. There was an excitement rushing through every cell in my body. I had a knowingnessthat this was all meant to be. I could see and feel and touch all of the facets of this present moment, including where I had been, where I was in that moment, and where I was going. I didn't have to have the specifics of where I was heading, I simply knew I was being guided in exactly the right direction.

Oh heeeey, Intuition! 

I immediately registered for the workshop and nothing has been the same ever since. This is the magic of intuition, inspiration and aligned action. We are being shown what we want and don't want every single day. The opportunities to follow our heart and intuitive guidance are endless, but if we don't get quiet, slow down, listen before choosing to take action (or change direction), then we miss the miracles that are right in front of our face. 

The taking action part is HUGE. You can meditate on rock, under a tree or in a cave your whole life, but if you don't take action on those tingling, warm and vibrant-life-calling-you-to-RISE kind of situations, then they will pass you by (and you will feel the weight of safety meeting stagnancy meeting the meh-ness of an un-lived life). It is up to you and only you, to decide exactly what it is that you want out of this lifetime. 

Look around you. Right now. Yeah, I am serious. 

What do you see? Does anything catch your attention? Does anything light you up? Can you feel the shift of joy in your physical body? If the answer is no, it's a call to stay open and keep looking. 

This is a practice of patient awareness.

We have to choose to be open to receiving guidance and messages or they will not arrive into our reality. We must be open to what we cannot see with our eyes. We must have faith in what we cannot prove. We may not have control over the external world we live in, but in every moment, there is a choice of how to be and what to believe.

Being open to the possibility of universal guidance, while also being in a state of gratitude will ultimately reconfigure the wiring of your brain. The goal is to step away from "fight or flight" programming and move towards and eventually past the edges of our comfort zone. This allows for expansion. Expansion leads to mysteries unraveling, incredible adventures and growth at the Soul level. 

This New Moon in Gemini reminds us to be curious about our world and stay open to that which we don't yet know.

Neil Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God recommends that we wake up every single day with four questions to answer. 

1. Who am I?
2. Where am I?
3. Why am I where I am?
4. What Am I going to do about it?

These are some BIG questions if you really take the time for inward inquiry around them. I believe that we are universal spirit in physical form and every moment of our lives offers us choices in the direction of our Soul's next evolution. All we have to do is choose to be open to the possibility that we are on this planet with a unique purpose and take one step in the direction that is calling our name. 

If I hadn't been open to the notion of cosmic synchronicity, (receiving Rise Sister Rise from my friend) I would not be as deeply connected to myself as I am today. I would not have continued to say, "Yes" to aligned opportunities, "No" to what makes me feel stuck; and I wouldn't get to feel the freedom of which that growth has offered. 

On this New Moon in Gemini, allow your mind to wander. Consider what may be rising in you and be open to miracles taking form through creative thoughts and determined action. It is your birthright to experience joy and fulfillment. 

Now, what are you going to do about it?

The New Moon occurs on Monday, June 3rd in the sign of Gemini.
Being open-minded and open-hearted in manifesting allows us to take the pressure off of what we think we need and be open to what we actually desire on a Soul level. 
This curious energy is incredible for manifesting.

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Do YOU have a story of when your intuition changed the direction of your life? I would LOVE to hear about it! Email me. I am so excited to connect with you. 


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