New Moon in Scorpio at 11:01 AM, Wednesday 11/7/2018 

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though these last few weeks with the Sun in Scorpio, sign of the underworld, death, depth, discomfort, renewal, and regeneration have been so intense.

It has been SO intense that there have been days I just wanted to throw in the towel.

Sometimes, when we are going through our murkiest, darkest and most challenging times, we feel like it would be so much easier to quit it all, to crawl under the covers and just give up. It is true that there are times in our lives when we must release the old to create space for new growth. That is not giving up. That is not quitting. 

Choosing to end an outdated pattern, a way of thinking and being that no longer serves to enlighten and lift your spirits is hugely transformational and I highly recommend it. This is the surrendering to the flow of life and death that I often plug into when something in my life feels a little off, a little stale and my heart whispers for a change of direction. I do my best to listen and then make changes where necessary (as best as I can of course, I am a human having a human experience after all.) However, there are others times in our lives when we want to ‘throw it all away’ just because it has become harder than we want it to be. If you think about challenges you have overcome, successes that you are deeply proud of, creations that have evolved over years and years of painstaking, passion-filled desire to see your project to the end, you may be able to feel the sense of accomplishment, contentment, and pride that fuels every challenging process.

These past few weeks of Scorpio energy have tested me on so many levels. They have put into question every part of my existence, they've had me question the choices I’ve made and the path I’ve cleared for myself.

They have nudged me, asking the cruel but loving question, ‘Is this reallywhat you want?’

I have had to get quiet, take a good look in the mirror and be fully honest with myself, including all the ways I use my anger for dark or light, unhelpful emotional projecting and the addictive habit of falling into the blame game. Scorpio energy has asked me if I've fallen prey to unnecessary drama instead of being clear, honest and real with myself and my needs.

These past few weeks have been a Soul’s Call - asking us all to reconnect with the simplicity of  nature, meditation and honoring our needs and boundaries.

I have been putting the needs of others first and it has done some damage to my ability to be a light, to have a full cup and do the work I am here to do. Can you relate?

The Scorpio New Moon ( DOUBLE SCORPIO) will give us all an opportunity to begin again and refocus our priorities, behaviors, thoughts and actions. I am ready to take on this ongoing challenge of living in alignment with my truth and my inner light.

I am so ready to take on the responsibility of honoring my lineage, while also reprogramming the ancestral patterning in myself that needs to be healed. I am so ready to reconnect with my heart as my guidance system and shed away the layers of fear I’ve been functioning in.


We are being given another opportunity to choose to love ourselves more deeply by simply beginning again without the guilt, shame and outdated wiring of our past selves.

For me,  living life in connection with the Moon is like having a New Year's Eve celebration every 29.5 days. I am moving into this Scorpio New Moon with the intention of loving myself a little more each day by choosing actions and thoughts that will support my highest good. 

I will move forward with deep forgiveness, compassion and a sense of calm after the storm. I will step into translucent love. Scorpio season can feel overwhelming, but the other side offers us an awareness of beauty on earth that cannot be experienced without the discomfort that parallels our rising into our higher selves. 

New Moon Blessings. May you unfold into your truest and freest Self.

Shira BrennerComment