Hello Loves,

today I'd like to talk to you about intuition. Thatlittle voiceorfeelingorsenseorsight inside you that course corrects you on your path, protects you from harm and wants the absolute highest and best for your Soul's evolution. 

Yesterday, I was driving to take a workshop with the phenomenal, Jaqui Bonwell,when I got this sense. 

I was driving down route 93 at 60 mph behind a truck with an open bed, full of furniture that was wrapped in ropes and bungee cords. I'd been driving behind this truck for about 5 minutes, when all of a sudden, without any obvious need, I decided I had to get in the left hand lane. There wasn't actually any thinking involved, I just veered as though I was being guided by someone or something.Just as I shifted to my left, the bungees on the truck broke and a storm of wooden furniture flew out of the back of the truck all over the highway.There was no accident, no one got hurt (that I saw) and I just barely beat what could have been a horrendous experience. 

There was no reason for me to pull into the left lane seconds before the explosion of furniture smashed across the highway. No big signs or calls or evidence alerted me to change direction. I just had a sense of something and without hesitation, chose to follow. 

Intuition is not fear based. We cannot walk around the world with all our barriers, protection and walls up. We won't get very far doing that. We cannot flee harm by playing it safe and small and choosing to control every aspect of our lives.

Living through fear of what is on the other side of the unknown is a great way to stay stuck and continue to circle around the same lessons over and over and over.I have learned to recognize that playing it safe is more exhausting and detrimental to the human condition than most things in the world. Keeping ourselves locked in our own cages of mistrust, mental torment and unworthiness won't get us anywhere. We are after all, creating the world around us with our thoughts. Thoughts become actions, thoughts and emotions become ingrained behaviors that we can't seem to break free from; we become trapped. 

Intuition arrives when we choose to trust ourselves over and over again.Intuition is a gift and a power we all have, but sometimes it is so buried deep under layers of stress, frustration, day to day nonsense, that we don't feel we have any inner power, light and compass at all. Your intuition is your guidance system. You might see the same animals over and over again ( I see hawks like woah ) you might see a series of numbers like, 777 or 1111 in patterns, you might just have a full-on-body-knowing of something you don't quite understand yet. There is no right or wrong way to experience intuition. There is no exact map to follow. No one else can do it for you. Your own intuition will be completely unique to you and your path. Understanding it takes patience, practice and trust. 

It is the GPS for your Soul. It directs and redirects. It course corrects. 

It comes in many forms. Sometimes you feel a gut sensation that something or someone is not right for you. You may have zero evidence to back this up. You just have this 'feeling' and can't really pin it down. It can be confusing and annoying. Often, we hear that voice or feel that feeling and we totallyshut it down, falling prey to our inability to trust ourselves.We look to others for advice about our lives. We seek external validation on the things that only we should have the answers to. We later discover (hindsight is 20/20 right?) that the voice was right all along. We can finally see the truth when we are on the other side. All too often we realize how much time and energy we wasted by ignoring what we had known all along. 

Intuition is Self Trust. 

It's slowly and lovingly beginning to and then continuing to trust ourselves again and again. It is a continuous, never ending, unfolding of our inner truth. It is allowing the knowing that we feel to guide us.It seems simple because it is. The human mind wants to complicate what the spirit already understands and has always known.

The wisdom you have in this moment is everything you need and more in pursuit of your purpose, service and authentic voice in this lifetime. 

This is a labor of love. 

When you choose to trust that inner knowing, things start to shift. Doors close and doors open and you finally realize all of the magnificent ways you are being supported in every moment.We are ever evolving, but it takes commitment, sacrifice and daily tending to live the lives that are truly meant for us. We all deserve to feel lit up with magic and joy. What is limiting you from being in your truth? Are you speaking poorly about yourself? Are you taking away your power by giving it to others? Are you settling because you are afraid of what is on the other side of fear?  

You already have all the answers. 

No joke. 

You know exactly what you want, need and deserve. Take it. Claim it. Anything less than that is doing a disservice to the world around you. It is time to step up and stop playing small with our power. You are a freaking magnificent human being. Your uniqueness is needed on this earth in this time. Step UP and let yourself shine. 

Shira BrennerComment