Element: Water
Body Part: Feet and Lymphatic System 

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac Wheel which signifies the closing of one chapter and the opening of the next. It brings with it the space to re-evaluate, recalibrate and shift as we move into the next season of our lives with a new sense of expansion and liberation. 

Pisces energy offers us the emotional depth needed to tap into our psychic and intuitive powers. It reminds us that we are our own healers, gurus and magicians. Pisces energy asks that we allow ourselves to feel...and I mean FEEL the flow of emotion and energy that exists from moment to moment.

Pisces is a deeply emotive sign that knows that its sensitivity (unlike what we have been told by society) is actually the seed of its power.

Sensitivity = Power
*Read that again a few times.*

When we are in touch with what it feels like to be in the body and to feel the energy within us, there is so much more ease in our outer worlds, our relationships and our ability to co-create the lives we desire. 

We must be grounded, strong and stable as we allow feelings to move through us. We can be both soft and strong during this time (and all the time.)  It's a myth that one is better than the other. We can be giving and receptive, open-hearted with clear boundaries and a fabulous listener and a great conversationalist all at once. It is up to us to choose to flow with the Yin and Yang of it all. 

Get quiet on this New Moon. Meditate. Close your eyes and dream. Connect to your heart. Ask your heart-mind connection for guidance and join me in practice.

We have the answers we seek, but we must allow the space between the actions and thoughts to discover what has been awaiting its big reveal. 

Shira BrennerComment